GeoTrust SSL 憑證

150 多個國家超過 50 萬用戶在使用 GeoTrust SSL 憑證

GeoTrust 是值得信賴的網路安全品牌之一。憑藉對企業級加密解決方案的高度專注,GeoTrust 非常適合希望在預算範圍內保護其網站的任何公司或組織。

GeoTrust SSL 憑證

GeoTrust DV SSL (FLEX)


The GeoTrust DV Flex SSL Certificate is one of the most affordable, yet versatile certificates on the market. It’s a domain validation (DV) certificate, which means the validation process is streamlined—this certificate will be issued to you in seconds, adding to the convenience and speed.

And the convenience doesn’t stop there. This cert comes with our flex feature – meaning that you can add up to 250 standard OR wildcard domains. That means that you can create any combination to find the most affordable option that meets your needs. With all of your domains under one cert, certificate management will be significantly simpler as you can go through entire SSL lifecycle one single time.